Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Priorities

Tuesday is my day off.  The last day off before Christmas.  I have been making an errand list for days.   I was also prioritizing  that list because I did not think I could get through it all in one day.  I decided to start with the ones that were far away first and work back toward home.  Matt and I have to go to town Thursday.  I was thinking we can finish this if we have to.  I was planning to leave early so that I could get as much done as possible.  I was meeting Matt and Nicole and the girls for lunch and then Haley and I had a special errand to do.

Haley and I have an eternal game of Rummy 500 going.  Only it is not 500.  Right now Haley calls it Rummy 8,000,000.  We play a hand or two whenever we have a few minutes.  Yesterday afternoon we had time to play 2 hands before evening meds and such.  We were playing and Emma came running into the house.  She took her little hands and placed on my face.  She was looking directly into my eyes and I was looking directly into hers.  She said, "Grammy, will you come to my program at school tomorrow?"  Her little lip started quivering as if she expected me to say no.  There was no way I could look into that precious little face and say "I don't have time, honey."  I said, " I would love to, Honey.  Thank you for inviting me.

I did leave early this morning.  I left and went to get  a doughnut, one of my favorite foods.  I don't get one often.  I took a book and I read for almost an hour before I went to the school.  When I arrived, Emma ran over and gave me a great big hug.  She was an angel again.  An angel with a fallen halo.  How appropriate.  Her wings were molting.  She was losing feathers every where.  But, when they stood up to sing, she was the sweetest angel up there.

And, I am glad that I was there to see it.    Yes, Matt and I will have to finish the errands on Thursday, and it doesn't really matter.

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