Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This Week's Service: The Dump

The dump ministry has been part of our ministry almost since the beginning.  It is a tough place.  A tough place to live and a tough place to visit. 

We decided we would take the older kids there to serve food.  This morning in devotional Nicole read from Matthew 25.  We talked to them for a long time.  It is hard to prepare adults for what they will see and smell at the dump.  And even more so, to prepare the kids.  They were excited because they were going some where.  That excitement evaporated quickly.

As we neared the dump, the smell was overpowering.  They were covering their noses and making gagging noises.

Fanny and a couple of other people jumped in the back of Matt's truck as he drove up.  We were behind Matt.

I have not been to the dump in two years.  Some things never change.  How, I wish they did, in this case. 

When Matt parked, Fanny jumped out of the back of the truck.  The van pulled up right beside Matt's truck.  I opened the door.  Fanny and I were face to face.  We hugged.  And cried.  And hugged and cried.

Luis told a few of the kids to get in the back of his truck and start serving.  Haley and Jackson jumped right in.  We had to encourage a few more to get in.  Haley knew just what to do and soon everyone was serving rice and beans and tortillas.  Water was being served outside the truck. 

Then Sonia and Johana arrived.  More hugging.  More crying.  I was so glad to see these girls.  Not glad to see them in the dump, but glad to see them.  I was trying to gauge the reactions of the kids, but I just kept hugging Fanny, Sonia and Johana.  And crying.  Johana said, "please don't cry.  We love you."   That really did not stop my crying.

Katy was in the back of the truck.  She was trying hard not to cry.  Jose and Fernando were talking to people.  They looked as if they were doing okay.  None of the kids were really okay.

Everyone knows Matt and he was just visiting with everyone.

School is out.  More kids are in the dump this time of year.  Some are working with parents while they are not in school.  And, some are just trying to eke out a few cents to buy food for themselves. 

Nicole saw her little friends, Melvin, Ashley and Yenzi.  She talked to them and hugged them, promising to have some help to them. 

The kids did see us not afraid of these people and not afraid to touch them and hug them.  We were so nasty when we left. 

We prayed before we left.  Fanny and Johana both wanted to hold my hand.  I cried some more. 

I told the kids to get back in the van.  Nohemy was in complete shock. Sisi was not even sure what she had seen.  Like with adults, it was a solemn, quiet ride back home.  We will be helping them process what they saw today.

Katy completely lost it at lunch.  I hugged her and comforted her for a while.  Then she said, "I think I want to finish eating."

I do think this was a good thing for the kids to see.  I think I needed to see the kids serving up that food.  And, I think I need to go to the dump more often.

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wxjeff said...

Terri, this was inspiring. Thank you for noting all the specific relationships that have been built over the years.