Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Everyone already knows Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

In years past, I have posted daily for the whole month of November one thing for which I am thankful.  I have always had and still have a lot to for which I am thankful, but the month was nearly gone before I thought of the daily postings.  I decided to it one big post.

1)  I believe in and serve a great big God.  I am not sure I would still be standing if it weren't for Him.

2)  Nathan and Nicole and their wonderful spouses, Julia and Matt, and of course the three beautiful granddaughters and the soon to be grandson.

If I had nothing more than these first items, I would be blessed beyond measure.  The fact is that I have many more things for which I am thankful.

3)  All the rest of my family, no matter how distant.  Family loves no matter what.

4)  My friends.  I am blessed to have friends everywhere.  It does not matter if I have known you all my life or I met you last week, my friends have blessed me over and over again and have stood by me through some pretty difficult circumstances.  Some of you really led me through the last 8 months.

5)  All of the individuals and churches that support me, but especially Borger Church of Christ for being my overseeing congregation.

6)  The Casa de Esperanza and Honduras Hope board of directors.  You guys really stepped up and helped keep things going.

7) Every financial supporter and every emotional supporter of Casa de Esperanza and Honduras Hope.  We could not stay here without you.

8)  Karen and Dorian, who have given nine years to this ministry.  Where would Casa and Honduras Hope be without you.

9)  Luis, he helped us keep going when it seemed impossible.

10) The staff at Casa de Esperanza, you ladies are great and are always willing to help in any way needed.

11)  Karol and Kelin, not only are they the sweetest sisters I know, but they have been a great encouragement to me in a difficult time

12) The rest of the Honduras Hope staff, like the Casa staff, you are always willing to do whatever is necessary.

13)  For the new churches at Lomas Diamonte and Zurzular.  May God be praised.

14)  For the ladies conferences held recently.

15)  This sounds shallow.  I am thankful for facebook because it helps me stay connected and reconnect with so many since I live in a foreign country.

16)  The opportunity to be at Casa de Esperanza and be a part of these children's lives.

17) My health.

18)  That I get to spend Christmas in New Hampshire with Nathan, Julia, Camille, and the new baby.

19) That my kids have jobs in their chosen professions.

20)  That I get to watch my kids parent their children.  Kids and spouses are good at that job.

21) That I was raised in a Christian home.

22) That I was taught  a  love for reading.

23) For my bed.  I love my comfortable bed with warm covers.

24)  For how good that bed is going to feel, if I ever get there tonight.

25) For music.

26)  For the almost 20 years I had Ryan.  I miss him and I love him.

27)  That we are able to find more American products in Honduras.

28)  For the groups that continue to come and work here, and fall in love with the Honduran people.

29)  For the beauty that surrounds me.

30)  For grace and forgiveness.

I am sure I could continue for a every day of the year.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I hope I do not ever take those things for granted.

Happy thanksgiving.

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