Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving.  I always have.  I think it is my favorite holiday.  Family, friends, food, fun, and football.  Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is not a Honduran holiday.  But it is a Casa de Esperanza and  Honduras Hope holiday. 

Things around here are very busy for the next two weeks.  Nicole and I sort of compared our schedules and knew, if we were going Thanksgiving shopping together, it had to be November 9.  Doing the Thanksgiving shopping with Nicole is part of the tradition and part of the fun.  Nicole and the girls picked me up after lunch on Sunday and we headed to Tegucigalpa.  First stop, for Dr. Peppers at Circle K, then La Colonia. 

Haley, especially, was excited about this outing.  In PriceSmart, she was in the basket and I would get as close to the shelves as I could and she would reach for the item and put it in the basket. And smile.  We talked about making the pies together. 

After we finished at both La Colonia and PriceSmart, I was a bit concerned because I had not seen any whole Butterballs, just breasts.  We went to one more store and found a couple of things.  It was getting late and I was getting tired.  I was sure the girls were.  I just did not think we should drive all the way across town to Mas Por Menos on Sunday.  That would have to wait until another day.

Haley was really good while we were in town, but once we started home, she was trying to stand in the seat and all kinds of things that she should not be doing.  She eagerly asked, "are we going to Grammy's to help unload the Thanksgiving food?"  Nicole told her yes.   She was just so excited about it all, that she just could not sit still.

We got to Casa and Nicole went to the door and told the kids we had the Thanksgiving food and we needed help unloading it.  Kids began pouring out of the house.  They are not usually that eager to unload groceries.  Everyone grabbed a bag or two and headed toward my house.  Ana asked me when we were going to start the cooking.  I told her it would be two and a half weeks.  Her face fell.  Some of the kids looked in Haley's bag and saw she had the marshmallows.  There were some squeals of delight.  They all knew what those were for.

Nicole to the rescue.  Yesterday she found cans of pumpkin, the butterballs, and the crunchy onions for green bean casserole.  The Aunt Jemima yellow cornmeal is arriving tomorrow on the Delta flight, thanks to Donna Griffith. 

We will get the onions, celery and other vegetables in  two weeks and then we will be good to go.  I can already smell those good smells.

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