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October Newsletter

Casa de Esperanza
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Amigos de Casa,

This year has flown. The kids are taking exams this week. This is the final set of exams for this school year. Soon school will be finished and the kids will have a three month break. I hope everyone does well on exams.

Many, many things have happened at Casa since the last newsletter besides another school year passing.

Groups continued to work on the wall and several sections were completed. I am quite sure that many groups will get to experience the wall again next summer.

On July 11, someone came to the gate and told Karen that Brayan had drowned. Karen went to the hospital in Ojojona where Brayan was. He was being prepared to be transferred to Tegucigalpa. Karen climbed in the ambulance and went with him. I jumped in the car and went to town, also. Neither Karen nor I thought he would make it through this. Because of many prayers and the grace of God, in less than one week he walked out of the hospital completely healthy. There was no permanent damage. We witnessed a miracle and we were grateful for it.

One morning in August, Pamela walked out of the gate and did not come back. Her grades were failing and she thought she had made such a mess of things that there was no way out. Had she talked to someone, something could have been done, but in her mind, there was no solution but to leave. We were, and still are, so sad.

Shortly after that, Brayan let his anger get the best of him and he, too, left and went to live with his mother again.

And, even more recently, Antonio made some bad decisions. Decisions that endangered other people's lives. For the safety of everyone else at Casa, the judge placed him back in the care of his mother.

We love these kids. We have wept and prayed over the three that left. We continue to pray that they will make good decisions. That they will go with God. That some day they will remember the things we taught them.

Please join us in prayer for these three precious souls.

I hope you don't think only bad things have happened at Casa de Esperanza. Many good things have happened also.

In August, Rosy turned 15. Turning 15 is a huge event. The school gave her a quinceaƱera. They borrowed a dress and went all out on the decorations and the party. Rosy was beautiful. I was honored to be there.

Guadalupe finished at Teleton and had a little party. We are proud of her. Fernando got to start working in the store. He is proud of himself.

Every day a battle is raging here at Casa de Esperanza. The devil wants to claim these kids and we do not want him to claim even one of them. The issues some of the kids are facing are hard and the decisions we sometimes have to make are harder. Please, I beg you to be on your knees every single day praying for these kids and praying for us. We need every ounce of strength, courage, and wisdom that can be found.

We do appreciate your continued support and prayers. We could not keep on keeping on without them.

If you have not yet decided on your year end contribution, please prayerfully consider Casa de Esperanza.

If you have any questions concerning anything at Casa, please email me at



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