Tuesday, November 25, 2014

And On The Seventh Day, She Rested

When I first moved to Honduras, I loved to go to Tegucigalpa.  Any reason would do.  Any day of the week.  Then I started doing Teleton and taking Rosy to school every day.  I hated the morning traffic.  I still do and it is worse now than it was then.  I was not as eager to go to town quite so often because I was going all the time. 

I like being here at Casa.  I still go to town to buy groceries and such, but not near as often.  Haley's school is in Tegucigalpa so Matt and Nicole go every day and they stay all day.  They are now running a lot of the Casa errands for me.  I thank God and them every time they do a Casa errand for me.

Now, when I go, I usually have a long list of errands to do and it takes all day.  I am exhausted when I get home.

Wednesday I took Donna to the airport.  I still do not ever mind going to the airport to pick up my friends or to take them back.  Then, I went to the embassy to get some documents notarized.  I found out the embassy will only notarize documents from 8:00-10:00 of a morning.  I thought the embassy was U.S. soil, but it certainly felt like a welcome to Honduras moment.  I ran a few errands while I was in town.

I had to get these documents notarized and my time frame was getting shorter.  I left on Thursday morning at 6:30 with Matt and Nicole.  After taking Haley to school, we had donuts and Dr. Peppers, our favorite treats.  They took me to the embassy and waited.  I then had the pleasure of going to the feeding center with them.  I got to watch my daughter lead the children in devo and then watch the feeding.  Watching hungry children getting fed is an awesome sight to see.  After lunch, we went to the pharmacy.  With 20 kids, I always need to go to the pharmacy.  We did a few other errands, got Haley and came home.

Friday Josue had a doctor's appointment at 3:00.  We left here at 1:30.  After blood tests, x-rays, another visit with the doctor, he had to be admitted to the hospital.  The paper work and such had to be done.  I arrived home at 9:00, exhausted.

Saturday morning I drove back to the hospital to be there when the doctor came and switch out the employees that were staying with Josue. 

Sunday morning I went in early to be there when the doctor came and tried to stay until he came back that afternoon.  Early afternoon, I left and went to the grocery store.  I came back to the hospital and waited and waited on the doctor.  I really wanted to be home before dark.  I left before he came.

We thought Josue would be dismissed yesterday, but we were not sure.  We had to wait on the results of the IGG blood test.  The doctor said he would be there on 6:30 Monday morning.  I was not there to see him.  I arrived about 9:00.  About 11:30, Karen called.  She was also in Tegucigalpa.  Everyone at Casa thought Katy was very sick.  I had Christina bring her to the hospital where I was and I took her through the emergency room there.  She, too, is sick, but not near as sick as she led everyone to believe.  I ran upstairs from the er to see the doctor at 2:30.  Still waiting on the results. 

Katy was able to go home with Matt and Nicole. 

By 6:00, I was sure Josue would be staying another night, but I was not going to leave until I was absolutely sure.  I saw the doctor at 7:00.  The test was in normal range and we could go.  I was scurrying to get to the pharmacy before it closed and to get every thing done and get out of there.  There are some follow up appointments and tests, but we were leaving.  It was after 9:00 when I got home.

I am not accustomed to going to town that many days in a row.  I was exhausted.  I am so thankful that Tuesday is my day off. 

After going to town six days in a row, on the seventh day, I am resting.  I slept late and am doing nothing today.  Thankful for days like that every once in a while and thankful that Josue and Katy are okay.

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