Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ladies' Seminars

This weekend was a very special weekend.  Our friend, Michelle Goff led ladies' seminars.  On Friday night and Saturday morning, Michelle led a seminar in the Santa Ana church for the ladies of Santa Ana and Ojojona.  On Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, she led the same seminar in Los Pinos for the ladies of Los Pinos and Lomas Diamante.  Since I go to church in Santa Ana, I know for a fact that the ladies here were very excited for this seminar.  The ladies prepared all things as they welcomed Michelle.

Luci opened by leading a few songs.

Others led songs and prayers,also.

Michelle led three great lessons.

The ladies listened intently.

Small group time was beneficial for everyone.

And, what ladies event would be complete without food?

My friend, Marta, came all the way from Danli for this event.

Michelle has written a Bible study book, which the ladies in Santa Ana are currently using.  Many brought their books and asked Michelle to sign them.

These ladies' seminars were very successful and it has been a great weekend. 

Michelle is the founder of Iron Rose Sister Ministries.  She does seminars and retreats in English or Spanish.  She also does bi-lingual ones.  If you are looking for a great speaker for a retreat or seminar, I can put you in touch with Michelle. 

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