Saturday, December 31, 2011


Our sweet little Katy is a fun-loving little child.  Her laughter often fills the air.  Or the house.  She is a tiny, spunky thing.  And she has no fear.  Katy being Katy was climbing somewhere she was not supposed to be and fell.  For those of you who know her, you know she is a bit of a drama princess.  Our initial thought was, "she is ok."  It quickly became apparent she was not ok.  She was crying and sobbing in a way I have never seen her cry.  It was a lot more than her being a drama princess.  Kathy and I felt for bumps and found none.  She did not stop crying and was holding her head.  She told me the light hurt her eyes.  I could not tell if her eyes were dilated or not.  Her eyes are so dark.  She said she felt nauseous and Nicole scooped her up and raced out of here.  Nicole took her to the hospital in Ojojona.  They examined her and said she needed a CT scan in Tegucgalpa.  Nicole stopped at the front gate for her purse and more money and drove to Tegucigalpa.

Nicole got to the hospital and called in tears saying she did not have enough money because a CT scan was double since it was a holiday weekend.  She also said Katy was worse and was vomiting and could not stay awake.  We usually can't get Katy to go to sleep when we want her to.  Marc and Matt were in Tegucigalpa and I called Marc to take Nicole some more money. 

When Nicole called, we were having lunch at Casa.  After I got off the phone, I told the kids that Katy was really sick and we needed to pray for her and asked Jackson to pray for her.  Jackson said a very kind prayer.  I looked up and Fernando, Katy's big brother, had his head on the table, sobbing.  I picked him up and hugged him tight, saying God would take care of Katy.  He shook his head yes, but I don't think he believed me.  I comforted him and he sat down at the table to eat.  I had two hysterical employees that were crying and loudly praying.  I got Fernando settled and saw the tears streaming down Sisi's face.  I picked her up and hugged her tightly.  I told her we had to pray.   I wish I could say I was in total control.  With Fernando crying, Sisi crying and two crying employees, I began to cry as well.  When almost everyone was through eating, Cindy starting crying.  I loved on her a while.   Sometimes, the kids act like they hate each other.  Not that I ever want someone hurt, but it was refreshing to see them so concerned.

I herded Haley, Any, Jair, Lupita and Adonis over to Mirian's house for naptime.  And waited.  I finally heard from Nicole and the CT scan was fine but they wanted a doctor to see her since she could not stay awake and had vomited twice.  At 3:00, Nicole called again and said they would dismiss Katy.  At 4:30, I heard from Nicole one more time and they were just leaving the hospital.  We have to watch Katy closely and wake her every 6 hours.  I know the routine well.  I have done it with one of my kids before.  More than once.

It has been a long day.  For everyone.

I am quite sure Katy will be ok and will soon be bouncing around again.  Until then, please pray that she recovers quickly. 


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Kim said...

We will be praying for Miss Katy. I have had all the kids on my mind all day. I guess I know why now. Give Katy a big hug for us.