Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Service

Since I had let my whole staff off for Christmas, I was a bit worried about having Christmas, breakfast, chores, and getting 21 kids ready for church by 9:30.  It was a huge relief to me to find out church would be at 4:00, followed by a program and dinner.

Nearly all of the kids were in a skit.  There has been practice several days.  I am always glad the church building is on the property.  When our  kids participate in something, they are so excited.  After lunch, the big kids hurried through their chores and did a very thorough job with them.  Then they started showering.  They fixed each other's hair and tried to ready themselves.  Cindy changed clothes three times. 

Nothing ever starts on time in Honduras.  Even so, if 21 kids and the adults we need a lot of seats.  I like to leave about 15 minutes early.  And off we went with everyone in their new Christmas clothes.
It was a packed house.
There were several skits and songs.  Some people that I would have never dreamed would get up in front of the whole church and sing, did.
Karol was smart enough not to give any of our little kids a real candle.

Jackson was the good Samaritan

And Adonis was the guy that got beat up.  Adonis enjoyed his role way too much.

Pamela and Kelin

Brayan was the devil, a part he played too well.

At 8:00, there had been no supper.  Our kids eat at 6:00 and go to bed at 8:00.  All of the little kids were falling asleep in our laps.  We had to leave.  We fed our kids macaroni and cheese and tortillas.  Everyone was happy with that.

Even though we did not stay until supper was served, we had a great evening.  I love watching the kids perform.  I am thankful for those that took the time to work with the children.


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