Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dump Day 2017 And Exciting New Plans

May 3, 2017.  Remember that date.  That is the date for the ninth annual Dump Day.  Dump Day is our once-a-year fundraiser so that we continue our ministry of feeding in the dump. The dump in Tegucigalpa is where many people live and work and scrounge for food with buzzards and cows. 

Honduras Hope feeds people there every Wednesday, rain or shine.  Beans, rice, tortillas and water are served.  We serve men, women, children, elderly or anyone that needs a bowl of rice and beans. 

A few years ago, we built a feeding center in the community of Buen Samaritano, right outside of the dump.  We feed about 200 children in that community a hot meal for lunch on Monday through Friday.  The cost of running that feeding center also comes from Dump Day.

In 2016, Honduras Hope raised almost $34,000 to keep feeding people in the dump and the feeding center.

This year, 2017, we are hoping to raise $50,000.00.  Yes, that is a huge increase.  Food and labor have gone up, but not that much so why do we need that much more than last year? 

Because the board has voted to build and operate another feeding center.  This new feeding center will be built in the community of Tierra del Padres.  Honduras Hope built a church there last year.  A preacher has been hired and is working in that community.  Like so many communities in Honduras, this one is extremely poor.  We will be feeding children hot meals five days a week. 

During the next two months, please pray for Dump Day.  I believe that God does not want little children to go hungry.

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