Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happy Birthday, Nicole

Thirty one years ago, on a cold Wednesday morning in Lubbock, Texas my only daughter was born.

I already had two little boys whom I loved with all my heart.  I just thought that number three would be a boy, too.  And, planned accordingly.  This was before the day a person could easily find out.  But, just in case, we picked out a name for girl.  We were on the way to the hospital when we chose this name.  Laura for my best friend and Nicole because it was beautiful with Laura. 

After a hard, fast, labor, much to my surprise and delight, a sweet baby girl was born.  She was beautiful.  We had this beautiful name picked out for this beautiful baby.  I wanted to use the double name; a beautiful name for a beautiful baby.  Everyone just settled in with the middle name. 

With two big brothers, she was teased mercilessly.  Most of the time, she did not handle that too well.  Regardless of that, she was always loyal to those two brothers. 

Our family has suffered a lot of tragedies.  Nicole always turned to God to get her through these tragedies. 

I am proud of the woman she has become.  She is a great mother, wife, daughter and friend.  I love getting to do ministry with her family.

I love you Nicole.  Happy birthday.

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