Friday, March 17, 2017


I woke up in New Hampshire this morning.  I was not surprised.  I have been planning this since November 1. Nathan and Julia were not surprised.  But Camille was.  And Thatcher will be.

Camille has been swimming for six years and I have not seen a meet.  I decided it was way past time.  I talked to Nathan and Julia about coming for a meet when I was here in September.  Once I got home, I began to think seriously about it.  I check prices.  They were outrageous..  Normally, that means point prices are outrageous also.  I did not have a lot of points, but I checked.  I can't explain this one, but point prices were outrageously low.  I purchased this ticket with points.  My favorite way to travel.  I told Julia that I wanted to surprise Camille.

It was easy to talk about when it was so far away.  Delta sent an email that said your travel is 135 days.  Thankfully, they did not send one everyday.  But, the last couple of weeks my excitement was building and it was hard not to talk about going.  I told a few people, but not many.

A major winter storm hit earlier in the week.  I was sure hoping it did not mess up my plans.  Obviously, it did not.  Flying into Manchester late last night, I could see snow pile everywhere.

Any travel day from Honduras is long. 

I arrived at Nathan and Julia's at 1:09 this morning.  I

I had thought of several things to reveal to Camille that I was here.  I chose to do it when she got up this morning.  I got up before she did.  When she came downstairs and turned on the light, I said, "Good morning Camille."  She was startled.  But she rushed into a big hug.  Then she stopped and looked at me and hugged me again.  Look. Hug. Look. Hug. Look. Hug.  This went on for several minutes.  Finally she said when did you get here.  I told her at 1:00.

I am so thankful to be here and so thankful for frequent flyer points.  It is going to be a wonderful week in New Hampshire.

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Pat Swindell said...

So glad you are able to share this time with son and family. It does you good. Wish I was close enough to see you. Have a great time and will be praying for safe travel home. Love you much, Pat in Childress