Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Work Here, But It Helps

And, if you are not crazy when you get here, it won't be long until you are full blown looney tunes.

Last night at 11:30, there was a loud pop, followed immediately by a fire.  An electrical wire was on fire.  It went out quickly on its own.  Thankfully.  The power went out in Matt and Nicole's apartment, the big house and the office.

We thought there would be an electrician this morning.  And, then we thought there would be one this afternoon.  We think there will be one in the morning.

About 7:00, I heard a knock on my door, followed by a sweet "Grammy."  I went to the door and Haley said that she needed to do her homework because she could not see the words at her house.  In a few minutes Emma and Nicole came down because Emma needed something from my house.

Haley read about some animals.  I guess that was probably science.  The she said she had to read 10 minutes in English and10 minutes in Spanish.

She read about 2 minutes and there was another knock on the door.  The guard said that Doris needed me to come up.  I told Haley she would have to go with me.  I was holding her hand as we walked toward Casa.  The sidewalk really is narrow and we were having trouble both of us staying on the sidewalk.  Haley says, "we are both a bit wide.  I will walk in front.  This is a one passenger sidewalk, not a two passenger sidewalk.

It is the first of the month.  Meat and chicken have just been purchased for the month.  I made the PriceSmart run on Monday and milk and bread for two weeks came yesterday.  The freezers are full.  The power has been off for 20 hours.  Things were beginning to thaw.

I told Doris that everything would have to be moved to the dorm first and then, when that was full, to my house.  Normally, I help with these things, but I said, "sorry I can't help this time.  Haley has to finish her homework."  She gets up at 5:00 every morning.  She did need to finish her homework and get to bed.

The girls started moving all the things.  Haley and I walked back down the one passenger sidewalk.

Haley and I sat down and she began reading again.  I could hear the girls yelling and screaming and laughing.  They were having so much fun moving things from one freezer to the other in the dark.

Poor Haley was about to fall asleep before she finished reading.  But she got it done.

This is our life.  Craziness.

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