Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Programs

In Honduras, Mother's Day is a big holiday.  All of the schools and all of the churches have programs.  The Casa kids are in five schools.  It was a busy weekend.

Emma's program was Wednesday.  Nicole and Paige went to that one.  I did not.

Olman's kindergarten program was Friday morning and Mercedes went to that.  Rosy's is this coming Friday and Nicole is going to that.

The franticness began on Friday afternoon.  The program at the high school was at 1:30 Friday afternoon.  There are six kids in the high school and they were all excited that Nicole and I were going. 
Baby Paige got dressed up to go, too.

We got to the high school and were walking in when Nicole went down.  She had the baby and protected her, but Nicole's ankle was not so good.  I took the baby and we got inside and sat down as quickly as possible.

The salon was nicely decorated.

There was some local entertainment and some native Honduran dancing.  I really enjoyed watching the dancing.  That is until one of the guys grabbed me to dance.  As he swung he into the number, Nicole grabbed my camera and was shooting away.

Nicole won one of the canastas.

Everyone wanted to show off Paige

Daniela kept the flies off of the cake

After the entertainment, each grade was suppose to go to different rooms for refreshments.  I did 8th grade, Nicole did 7th and 9th.  Daniela grabbed cake and chips for Nicole from the 8th grade refreshments and Jackson brought me cake from the 9th grade room.  They were really glad we were there and wanted to make sure we got our refreshments.

We got home around 3:30 and had to leave for El Faro at 5:00.

A few minutes before 5:00, we are ready to go.
Again, everyone wants to be with Paige.

I love El Faro.  I am glad that some of our kids have the opportunity to go there.  The teachers helped each child as needed and everyone was a star.

Any did a great job
Josue entered late and left early, but he tried.

The girls were in some cute dance numbers
Nicole can always be found with a lap full of kids, hurt ankle and all.


Saturday morning was the program at the elementary school.  We got to the school at 8:30.  It was a long wait until it began.  Nothing starts on time in Honduras, but this school always takes it to a whole new level.

The decoration were pretty.  I got to look at them for a long, long time.

Katy wanted to run around with the baby.
But, Baby got tired of all these programs

Josue's class did 2 song and dance routines.

And, this one from church yesterday.

We have had a rough time at Casa lately.  Nicole and I have wondered if we were making a difference in these kids lives.  All three programs gave us reason to think that we are.  At the high school, Ana is on the student council.  She was required to stay and clean up.  Sisi and Daniela stayed and helped as well.  That was their choice.

El Faro is 45 minutes away.  It was night.  The kids were tired and hungry.  Those kids get up at 5:00 and leave for school at 6:00.  We did not have one behavior problem that night.  That is not always the case with these kids.

At the elementary school, there are always suggestive and provocative dances.  Katy was asked to be in a dance number and she declined saying that it was not appropriate..

In each of these situations, I was proud of the kids.

I can tell you for sure that the kids were not the only ones tired.  I was in bed asleep before 8:00 Saturday night.



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