Saturday, February 13, 2016

The First Two Weeks Of School

Another school year has begun.  True to form, it has been quite hectic.

On January 25, Monday, I left with Matt and the girls at 6:15.  After we took the girls to school, Matt and I were going to start buying school supplies and uniforms.  The reason I was with Matt and not in my car is another blog story that did not get written, as was the entire day of January 25.  Nicole spent hours at the high school registering kids. 

After the truck broke down, I took a taxi to Larach and started buying.  Matt arrived later.  On this initial run, I buy the things I know we will need.  I try to buy extra of things, so we are not having to go back all the time.  By the time it was all said and done and paid for, I think Matt was a bit shocked at how much there was and this was only the initial run. 

We then went to La Confianza and started on the uniforms.  We thought we had a complete list.  Of course, we did not.  It took hours in La Confianza.  Nearly everyone needed nearly every piece.  Matt was getting nervous has he had a 2:00 appointment and he could not be late. 

That was pretty much all we got done that day in the way of preparing for school.

The next day I had a doctor's appointment and left with Matt again.  After my appointment, we started round 2.  I was feeling pretty good by the end of the day with what we accomplished.  Nicole went to El Faro to register some more kids.

Wednesday Nicole began taking kids to Ojojona to get shoes.  She took a few at a time.  This took the better part of an afternoon.

Sunday, the day before school started, Nicole and I left after church to "finish."  Ha!  Everyone in the country was trying to finish.  Or to start.  The stores were packed.  Again, I felt pretty good, but knew we were not finished.

Monday was the first day of school for some.  Nicole went to the elementary school with the kids. Nicole called at 8:30 (school was supposed to start at 8:00) and said "can you believe the teachers aren't here yet on the first day of school?" I think everyone was out by 10:00 that first day.  First grade was out right after it started and the parents had to stay and clean the classroom. 

The high school kids went in the afternoon and actually stayed all afternoon.

Tuesday, Nicole went to the kindergarten to register Olman.  That got lost in registering the other kids.

Wednesday no one went to school because it was a holiday. 

Olman started on Thursday and Rosy was registered at Manos Felices.

Friday was supposed to have been the first day of school for the El Faro kids, but that got changed to Tuesday of the next week.  Not many of the elementary school kids had school on Friday and the ones that did were dismissed very early for parent meetings. Nicole and I made another trip to Larach, as some of the lists had been sent home.

Rosy started on the 8th.  El Faro started on the 9th.  No school for the elementary kids on the 9th because the school had to be fumigated.  I wondered why they could not have thought of that before school started.

Nicole has made several more trips to the schools to buy books and other things that had to be purchased at the schools.  Without exception, at every school, things that needed to be purchased at school, everything was not there yet.

Wednesday Nicole tore out of here heading to Tegucigalpa to exchange some uniform pieces and buy another round of school supplies. 

I thought we were through with all the uniforms but the El Faro ones. But maybe not.

Josue did not have class on Friday.  Someone is home all the time.

Yesterday, the El Faro kids brought their lists home.  They are long.  I put together things we had.  There is more that we did not have than we had.  Guess what I will be doing tomorrow afternoon?

We have 20 kids in 5 schools.  That is better than last year.  They were in 7 schools last year.

I hope everyone goes to school every day next week?


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