Saturday, February 20, 2016


Tuesday I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus.  This is a relatively simple surgery and recovery.  Since the last two surgeries I had were for intestinal blockages, I agree that this is a simple surgery and recovery.

My knee has hurt for quite some time.  Longer than I care to admit.  The cartilage damage was severe because I waited so long.  As simple as this recovery is, perhaps it could have been more simple if I had taken care of the problem when it first began.

I had to be on complete bed rest and not bend my knee for 3 days.  Friday I saw the doctor and was told to resume normal walking and to start resuming normal activities.  I have done that, within reason.  I know it will be quite some time before I can attempt the hill from my house to Casa and back.

Three days of complete bed rest.  I needed that.  I have read some good books, rested, played on the computer and many other worthwhile activities.  I thought I could be in bed and work as easily as I could read.  But my mind and body was exhausted.  The work will wait on me.

Resting my mind, body, and soul has been exactly what I needed.  Complete rest.  And reflection.  As my body heals, I think it is time to allow my heart to heal also.

I allowed my body to function in pain when I should have done something sooner.  I have allowed my heart and soul to function in pain as well.  It is time to allow this old heart to heal.  To rest in God's goodness.  Every stressful event in my life has been good for 20 pounds.  It is time to get rid of that 20 pounds, which probably help the knee problem as well.

I am ready for my mind, body, soul and heart to be restored.

Dear God, let complete healing of my body, heart, mind, and soul begin.

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