Wednesday, February 17, 2016


My knee has hurt for so long.  My was really ready for this surgery.  When one person is out around here, it puts a hardship on everyone else.  I was trying to do as much as I could on Sunday and Monday so that Matt and Nicole did not have as much to do later in the week.  I made a big school supply run on Sunday.  Monday we had a staff meeting and it was payday.  I thought I would have time to do some things in my house that needed to be done and tie up some more loose ends.

Things often do not go as planned.  I got the pay done.  I got my laundry done.  I got a few more things done. But, not near what needed to be done.  I was anxious about not getting those things done.  I was anxious about being out and leaving so much for others to do, including taking care of me.  I was having trouble praying through my anxiety.  I began to read the messages on facebook from so many of you saying you were praying for me.  I found great comfort in that and was, at last, able to pray through my worries and find some peace.

Nicole and I were going to leave at 5:30 for the hospital.  I needed to be there at 7:00.  By leaving at 5:30, we probably would have been there at 6:30, but leaving at 6:00 who knows when our arrival time might be.

Nicole's car would not start.  Matt, Nicole, the girls and I piled in the truck at 6:00.  This was a cause of great concern for me.  Matt was going to take Nicole and me to the hospital first and then the girls to school.  Everyone was going to be late.  Haley, especially does not like to be late.  Morning traffic is never pleasant, but, it was much worse than normal. 

Around 7:30, I asked Nicole to call the doctor and tell him we would be late.  She wondered why I could not call.  I was afraid I would start crying.  She graciously called for me.

Arriving at the hospital at 8:00, we went straight to admissions.  My names are not Honduran names and no one knows how to spell them.  I always write my name for people and give them my id.  I wrote my name and handed it and other documents to the admissions clerk.  I paid my deposit.  The clerk started to hand me the paper and then took it back.  Nicole looked at me and asked why.  I said because my name was misspelled and she had to do it over.  That was the break I needed.  I started laughing. 

I was taken right up to the 5th floor.  Nicole prayed with me and I filled out my release form.  I went back to change my clothes.  I felt at peace.  I had prayed.  Nicole had prayed.  And, I knew 100's in the states were praying.  No time was wasted as they prepared me surgery.  One of the nurses kept saying "en el nomber de Jesus."  This was putting me at ease.  Then all of a sudden I was told to sit up as I was being given an epidural.  I missed the memo on this.  Panic took over once again.   I am okay with having surgery in a third world country, but an epidural.  I was sure I was going to be paralyzed.  I felt hot tears welling up in my eyes.  Once again, I prayed and felt at peace.  I relaxed enough that I hardly felt that big old needle go in my back.  The epidural begin to work almost immediately as I felt my bottom go numb and them my legs. 

I knew Dr. Ham and many other people were in the room.  I was not under general anesthesia, but there was a sedative in my iv.  I was aware of most things.  Sort of.  I dozed on and off.  I could see someone standing my leg, but I was unaware that it was Dr. Ham.  I kept wondering when he was going to start.  At 10:15, he said he was through and there was much more damage than he anticipated.

I was immediately taken to recovery.  There was no clock there.  Again, I was in and out of sleep.  I knew my bottom half was still numb.  Nicole came in.  I asked if  Dr. Ham had talked to her.  She said about an hour ago.  I guess I was sleeping more than I thought because I thought I had only been in recovery about 15 minutes when she came in.

I was so happy when I could wiggle my toes and then begin to lift my leg.  I had to stay in recovery until the epidural wore off.  Nicole went down to finish paying my bill and we left.  We went to get Emmy at school.  Then we went to the pharmacy for my meds.  There was no way I could walk that far.  I stayed in the truck and I got to hold Paigie.  That will always make a grammy feel much better.
Matt bought me a cold ice tea.  I needed that.  I was so thirsty.  Matt is my favorite son-in-law.

We went back to school to get Haley and headed to Santa Ana.  Matt got as close to my house as possible.  Matt and Nicole helped me in the house.  That was the most exhausting part of the whole day.  I had my pajamas on the bed and quickly changed.  Nicole and Matt helped me take care of a few other things. 

I am so fortunate that I have not had any pain yet.  I am taking my meds as prescribed and getting up to go to the bathroom.  Nicole is coming in and out to see about me.  I am fortunate to have Matt and Nicole.  They are great caregivers.

I am reading Grisham's latest, playing on facebook, coloring and resting.

I am also fortunate to have all of you praying for me.  Keep those prayers coming.

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