Sunday, November 8, 2015


I think I have always loved Sundays.  I love worship.  I love so many things about Sunday.  In another life, I loved Sunday afternoon naps.  That does not happen now, even when I am in the States.

This morning was full of stress.  No one wanted to listen.  No one wanted to do their chores.  Church starts at 9:30.  We left at 9:40.  I do not like being late to church.  Twenty one children and three adults cannot enter church without being noticed.

When we got there, much to my surprise and delight, Steve and Diana Teel were there.  And two other gringos.  I chatted a few minutes and sat down with a happier heart than I had when we arrived.

There was a scripture reading and then a prayer.  The man saying the prayer said a really long prayer.  I was glad for that.   I took two deep breaths and opened myself so that Jesus could soak into every pore and soak way down deep in my soul.  That was just what I needed.  To allow myself to be filled with the presence of Jesus.  The songs became more meaningful. 

I also noticed I heaved a great sigh of relief when the children left for class.  Then Steve Teel preached a great sermon.

This week is so busy.  I knew I just had to run errands today, at least some of them.  I asked Emma and Haley to go with me.  I knew that would take longer, but thought it would be fun.  Emma politely declined.  Errands did not sound fun to that girl.  Errands did not sound fun to this girl either, but I had no option. 

Haley and I ran to Little Caesar's first to grab a hot and ready.  So did half of the rest of the world.  That took a bit longer than we expected, but we had a great visit.  And when a table came open, a man started to sit at it.  Haley was so fast getting to it that she slid in under him and he nearly sat on her.  Several people laughed. 

When we finished, they gave a paper sack instead of a box for out leftovers.  A paper sack for greasy pizza.  We put it on the paper plates and then gave it to the man selling sunglasses outside.  Haley liked that.  So did the man. 

We went to the pharmacy, La Colonia, PriceSmart and Larach.  Haley was so good.  She is always a good helper.  We had so much fun.  We had a lot of stuff in that car. (Haley has started calling it the Super Trooper).  I am not so sure about the super part.

It just so happened that Haley had 100 Lempiras and wanted to treat us to ice cream.  What kind of Grammy would say no to that?

It was not a Sunday afternoon nap. It was better.  A delightful day with Haley.

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