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October Newsletter

Casa de Esperanza
Making a difference, on child at a time
P.O. Box 9222
Columbus, MS 39705

Amigos de Casa,

I spent eight weeks in the States.  I spent time with my family and friends and shared the Casa story with many.  It was a productive trip both in terms of relaxation and fund raising.  I am always ready to be back and, as always, I hit the ground running.

The board has named Nicole as interim director.  I am excited about this for many reasons:
            Nicole is very fluent in Spanish.
            She already knows and loves the children.
            The children already know and love her.
            She knows how things should operate.
            She will be able to remove a huge amount of my workload.
Selfishly, I love having my family here on campus where I can get granddaughter hugs, morning, noon and night.

Nicole will be a great asset for Casa as we prepare for next year and beyond.

It is with sadness that I announce the resignation of our board president, James Hicks.  James has been on the board since the inception of Casa de Esperanza.  He has been our board president for the last 18 months, leading us through some difficult times.  He is a good friend and has been a good president.  We will miss him and wish him all the best in future endeavors.

As the kids are growing older, we decided the time had come to make a major change.  We moved all the girls into the big house and all the boys into the smaller house.  This decision was met with much excitement.  Cindy grabbed everything she could find and went running into the other house to begin packing the girls’ things to get them over to the big house.   We moved four boys out and three girls in.  This was no small task.   The girls organized and reorganized for days.

Children’s day in September is a big event in Honduras.  All of the churches and schools do something for this big day. In the past, Casa de Esperanza has not done much on Children’s Day.   This year, Honduras Hope gave a party for the Casa kids and everyone got new Bibles.   Everyone enjoyed it.
Also in September is Independence Day another big event in Honduras.  All of the schools had parades.  Most of our kids participated in some way. 

We had a couple of fun activities in October.  Donna Griffith returned with more sewing lessons.  This time the girls learned to make pajamas, their first attempt at pants. 

The Build Hope group was here to build houses.  Fourteen men and Laura Templeton came, except Laura did not come to build.  She came to do art projects with the kids.  This was fun and different and everyone had a great time.

Another group from Ada, Oklahoma was also here.  They replaced the old clothes line.  I was very thankful for this project.

We appreciate art projects, sewing projects, clothes lines and all things that you do for us.
The kids are now decorating for Christmas and preparing for fourth partial finals.  Another school year will soon be complete.  Please pray for the children as they take finals.
We have been in transition for almost a year.  We have allowed things to get run down.  We are cleaning and repairing in order to get our home in order again.  We hope to start replacing nine-year-old furniture as funds allow.  Twenty children are hard on furniture.
There is some unfortunate news to report.  There was an attempted robbery at my house.  It was early evening, but the power was out.  Two men followed me into my house and asked for money.  I was hit in the face several times.  Apparently, something scared them and they ran.  No money was taken and no one was seriously injured, thanks be to God.  Because of this, we will be installing more lights, a couple of fences, hiring a night guard again, and possibly a generator for the times the power is out. The safety of the children and staff is of utmost importance.  All of these things cost money. We would welcome any and all donations toward security.
We do have fund raising opportunity.  Patsy Conquest and Gail Ward, both friends of mine from Columbus, MS, have put together a cookbook,  Southern Blend II.  This cookbook contains over 1000 recipes.  A cookbook can be purchased for $20.00 which includes postage.  For every cookbook purchased, Casa de Esperanza will receive $7.50.  Cookbooks can be ordered from
Gail Ward
244 Hwy 373
Columbus, MS 39705

We appreciate all prayers, donations and encouragement.  Please consider Casa de Esperanza in your yearend giving.
Casa de Esperanza
P.O. Box 9222
Columbus, MS 39705   or

If you have any questions concerning Casa, please email me at

Terri Tindall

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