Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Olman and Josue

Today the twins turned four.  In two months, they will have lived here 4 years. 

They were so tiny when they came.  Olman weighed 6 pounds and Josue weighed 4 1/2 pounds.  At two months old.  They both were so fragile.  Olman had a heart condition, which has corrected itself.  Josue had, and still has, a whole list of problems. 

Olman is talking, is potty trained and pretty much acts like a four-year-old.  Thanks be to God.

Josue is not there yet.  But, he is better than we ever thought he would be.  He is walking and saying a few words.  Speech therapy is bringing him along.

Olman is so sweet to Josue.  When Josue gets back from the doctor or Teleton, Olman runs out to meet him and always gives him a great big hug.

Josue  has some severe immune deficiencies and is allergic to many things, including most bug bites.  Benadryl cream and such do not even begin to help him.  He has some special medicine for bites.  The other night, I took his regular medicines in and was told he had several bites.  I took him back to the office with me to doctor his bites with his medicine.  Olman showed up almost immediately and said, "Terri,  Josue hurts."  I explained to him that I was putting medicine on him to make him feel better.  Olman stood there and watched me doctor every single place.  He then took Josue's hand and led him back to their house.  It was so sweet.

It is going to be amazing to see what God continues to do in the lives of Olman and Josue.

A few pictures I took today.   Happy birthday to Olman and Josue.

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