Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lessons From The Beach

I love the beach.

 In May 2014, Nicole and I took the girls.  As the waves crashed over the sand castles and washed them out to see, I wept.  That was my life being swept out to sea.  As Haley picked up shells and said "Grammy, isn't this the most beautiful shell you have ever seen?", I tried to be enthusiastic and say "yes, honey, it is."  In reality, all I could see was the broken and shattered shells scattered along the beach.  Those shells represented broken promises and my shattered heart.

Today, a year later I saw a different beach, different waves and a different story.   As the waves washed the sand castles out to sea,  I hope that was my hurt, my hopelessness, my disappointments and my my brokenness being washed away.  The waves that came rolling in are waves carrying new hopes, new dreams. 

As we left, I saw a tiny fragile little shell intact; in one piece.  It survived the pounding surf.  I think that little shell was me.  I am surviving the pounding surf.

God is so good.

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