Sunday, April 5, 2015


Friday afternoon we all went to Ojojona to see the alfombras.  Alfombras is the Spanish word for carpets or rugs.  I had never been to Ojojona to see the alfombras.  I had always seen the ones in Tegucigalpa.  There were not as many in Ojojona as Tegucigalpa.  But the one in Ojojona were much larger and all had a religious theme.  The ones in Tegucigalpa are ready to view much earlier in the day than the ones in Ojojona.  I did not know this since I had never been to see the alfombras in Ojojona. 

We all rode in the van.  All I will say about that is I am really glad we were not going any further than Ojojona.  We were "in your face."  Since the alfombras are not ready as early as the ones in Tegucigalpa, we arrived quite early.  I still found it very interesting as we got to watch some of the alfombras being put together.

The alfombras are made out of sawdust, everything but the white and it is made of salt.  Some of them are very detailed.  All of them have very beautiful colors. 

We walked up one street and then sat on the steps of one of the churches for a while.  When the alfombras were finished, we walked back down the street and viewed the completed alfombras.  We then cut across the square and walked the other street.  Cris and Josue went the wrong direction once.  My heart was beating wildly, but before I could even get a good panic worked up, they came running back to the group. 

It was hot, but we were there at the time of day, it was beginning to cool, so it was not too bad.  We were also there when shadows were long, as you will see in some of the pictures.

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