Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Week

This is national vacation week in all of Central America, otherwise known as Holy Week.  All of the children are out of school.  Two of them have a mountain of homework and are having to work hours every day. 

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there has been a lot of work done.  Raking.  Closet cleaning.  Fernando was a ladder scrubbing the walls.  But, today and tomorrow are fun days.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the official holidays of Holy Week.  The staff is reduced.  So they can spend time with their families and so I don't have to pay double pay.

Today our fun day consisted of going to the park for a picnic and swimming.  Luci cooked a big lunch and we loaded up and went to the park. 

Some hit the playground immediately.

We got the food on the table and Luci began to serve.  The Jello did not last too long in the heat.  But it tasted good as a drink.

There were kids eating every where.

A group picture before they got in the pool.

The rule was they had to shower before they got in the pool.  That is as wet as Doris got.  She was having nothing to do with that pool.

Josue and Olman were not to fond of the pool either.

Jorgito worked with Olman and finally got him in and liking the pool.

Both Jorgito and Ana worked with Josue, but there was no enjoyment.  Just tears and screams.  He came out to stay.

The kids played and played.  And, had so much fun.

It was very stressful to put 23 kids into a pool, most of whom do not know how to swim.  Some hung on to the edge the whole time and splashed and kicked and had as much fun as anyone else.  I tried to not let my gringaness show.  The kids were running all over that wet concrete and not one single person cared but me. 

It was so hot.  After swimming for 2 hours, we cut the watermelons. 

I still have not cooled off.  I am sure no one will have to be rocked to sleep tonight.  They are tired.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will go to Ojojona and look at the alfombres.  A much calmer day than today.

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