Friday, March 13, 2015

No Time To Think

March 12, 2000 changed my life forever.  Forever.  It was a horrible day.  March 12, no matter what year is still a difficult day.  Every year.  I know it is going to be difficult.  I am careful about the music to which I listen.  There is no use in upsetting myself more.  Yesterday was another first, which made the day a bit more difficult.

I often say that I have the most amazing family and friends.  I do.  Yesterday my family and friends completely covered me in prayer.  I felt that blanket of prayer covering me and protecting me.  Though difficult, the day could have been much worse.

I was really too busy to think about it.  Or anything else.  Beginning at 6:15 yesterday morning, I had one crisis after another here at Casa de Esperanza.  I finally fell into bed, exhausted, around midnight, with most of the issues resolved.

I was reminded of the time we were building Ryan's memory house.   Our friend, Alice, had come to Honduras that year so she could be part of building that house.  She had helped raised the money for the house.  We all knew it would be a difficult day.  I was glad Alice was going to be with us.  The day of the house build, Alice was sick.  She stayed at the mission house and the rest of us went to build.  We had a terrible day.  Everything went wrong.  Everything.  We did not finish the house that day. 

When we got to the mission house, I went to check on Alice and tell her we did not finish.  Alice was much better.  She was so excited that we did not finish the house.  She proclaimed, "I am going tomorrow and I am going to finish that house."  And then she added, " I have prayed all day that you would not finish today so that I could be a part of the building." 

Really, Alice.  Our terrible day was because you prayed for things that happened to us to happen.  Thank you very much, friend.

I was reminded of that story yesterday because I think one (or more) of my friends prayed that I would have no time to dwell on the events of March 12, 2000.

And, were those prayers ever answered.

Thanks friends.

In all seriousness, I appreciate every prayer that was uttered yesterday on behalf of me and my family

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