Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Hero

When I was a child, I had heroes.  The President of the United States, no matter who he was, was my hero.  I outgrew having the President as my hero as I became an adult.  I had a couple of cousins that I worshiped and some older girls at church.  Some of Sunday school teachers were my heroes.  And Micky Mantle. 

As an adult, my view of a hero changed.  As a young adult, my parents moved to hero status, especially after I realized the sacrifices they made.

After I moved to Honduras, again my view of a hero changed.  The two ladies in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, whom I have never met, that send $10.00 a month to Honduras Hope are definitely my heroes.  My friends in Kansas that sell some of their stock every year to help Casa de Esperanza are also my heroes.  All the donors of Casa de Esperanza and Honduras Hope are my heroes as you keep this ministry going.

I am going to tell you about a new hero.  A young hero.  Her name is Cassie Carter and she just turned eight years old.  She had a birthday party, like most 8 year olds do.  She had a Frozen party.  But, she asked for no gifts.  Her party invitation read to please give the money to Honduras Hope.  Almost $300.00 was given.

This child has a very compassionate heart.  Not only did she want boys and girls to be fed, she wants them to know the love of Jesus.  She will always be my hero.

A huge thanks to Cassie for being so selfless and thinking of those less fortunate ahead of herself.  A huge thanks to her parents, Ralph and Michelle Carter and grandparents, Roger and Sylvia Collins.  Cassie did not just get to be this thoughtful.  She had some great people teaching her and influencing her.  Also, I want to thank Marie Polk for teaching her first and second graders to give to others.

Cassie, you are my hero.

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