Monday, March 16, 2015

Heartbreaking News

Several years ago, I think it was in 2005 or 2006, we had a big wedding for our friend Josue.  It was quite the party.  Kae Hampton and I took Josue's soon to be wife, Karen, shopping for a dress.  Karen was pregnant and we thought we were never going to find shoes to fit because her feet and legs were so swollen.  We finally found some pretty white flip flops with sequins.  Karen was so happy.

Karen was a beaming bride as she walked up the aisle.  If memory serves me correctly, Wesley Thompson married Josuè and Karen.  Soon a son joined this couple.  We were not sure if the world was ready for two Josuès.  Josuè was a good daddy and after a year or so, another little boy made this a family of four. 

Karen has had heart problems for many years.  Every time I saw Josuè I asked about the boys and Karen.  Sometimes he said she is good and other times he said she was in the hospital or had been in the hospital. 

This morning we arrived at the airport and learned that Karen died last night because of another heart attack.
I was so sad.  When we talked to Josuè, he, too, was sad.  That is to be expected.  Karen was in the hospital.  He said that he, Karen and Karen's mother were talking and that he was holding Karen's hand.  She said ," take care of my boys," and died.

Nicole and I cried.  And cried.  I have cried on and off all day.

Oh my.  He is a mess.  For himself.  But as any parent would be, he is worried about his kids. 

I think all TORCH and Honduras Hope groups and probably many other groups know Josuè. 

Please pray for this young dad that is left to raise two little boys by himself.

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Genmax said...

We remember Josue from our mission trip there. We were guests at their wedding. It was quite the party and they were so happy. We are saddened for the family. Prayers for the family.