Sunday, March 8, 2015

Just Another Sunday Morning And A Trip To The Emergency Room

Today started as any Sunday morning does.  Medicine. Breakfast.  Chores.  Getting ready for church.

Near the end of church I was focusing a good sermon from 1 John:4.  Cris rushed into the church building crying and with blood gushing from his knee.  No Bible class is not that rough.  Cris was not in Bible class.  He was climbing a tree to get some lemons and fell from the tree.

I took him to Casa and cleaned up the knee.  It was much deeper than I thought it would be.  Cris was starting to settle down, until I mentioned the possibility of stitches.  Then the howling began.

Options are limited on Sunday and I did not want to drive to Tegucigalpa for a few stitches.  I took him to the hospital in Ojojona.   This is not my favorite place to take the kids.

I parked and Cris and I walked across the street.  Hospital.  Doctor.  Stitches.  Cris was crying like he dying.  I explained to the guard what had happened.  The guard looked at his knee, then picked up Cris and started running as fast as he could toward the emergency room.  I did not think it was that urgent.  I was in a dress and heels and could not even pretend to keep up with the guard. 

The guard left to get the doctor and I was holding Cris's hand trying to calm him.  The doctor was there immediately   He agreed that it needed stitches.  He made me leave.  That is one of the things I do not like about this hospital.  We can never stay with the kids.  Cris started crying louder.  He is a little boy that was hurt and scared.  He needed someone with him.  They made me go into a room across the hall.  I could see Cris and he could see me.  He sat up and held out his arms toward me.  Then someone came in and shut the door.  I could hear Cris get louder.

I was so angry.  I was not going to faint or anything.  I just wanted to be with Cris and hold his hand.  Then the doctor started singing in this beautiful rich baritone voice.  It calmed my nerves and I guess it calmed Cris's because he got quiet.

Ten minutes and twenty dollars after we arrived, we were leaving with 3 stitches.

Poor Cris.  Sneaking out of Bible class to pick lemons.  He got caught in a big way.

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