Sunday, January 5, 2014

Learning To Serve

When each of the kids arrived at Casa de Esperanza, they were a mess.  They had been living in less than ideal conditions.  They had been uprooted from their homes.  As messy as those homes might have been, it had still been home.  They came scared and unsure of what would happen next.  They needed a lot of stability and love and assurance.  They had to take care of themselves and some had to be taught had to do that. 

As time passes, they are learning to not just think of themselves.  In some way, nearly all of them, are learning to think of others, at least some of the time.

Nicole took nine of the kids with her to the Jesus Banquet.  They got up early and rode the bus with the group.  They helped get everything ready, just like the group.  The hauled chairs and tables and cleaned and served plates of food to people.

At different times, Matt has taken some of them to the feeding center to work for a day.  Brayan has been.  Cindy.  Jose.  Maybe some more of them.

After I got up and started serving meals to people at the Christmas dinner, Fernando, of all people began to help.

I am really proud of these kids as they learn to think of others and start serving.

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