Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Second Treatment

It has been almost two years since Olman and Josue came to Casa de Esperanza to live.  They had been born prematurely.  They were two months old when they arrived.  Olman weighted 6 pounds and Josue weighed 4.5 pounds.  They were so tiny.  Both needed so many things and so much care. 

Olman soon began to put on a little weight, but Josue stayed tiny and fragile.  And, he was sick often.  Like most of the time.  The pediatrician put him on vitamins and minerals.  We saw doctor after doctor.  He was still sick often and still so tiny.

We are still seeing many different doctors, but we have found an immunologist that is really helping.  It has been determined Josue has an immune deficiency.  The tests to determine exactly which one are not in Honduras.  While knowing that would be helpful, it is not essential.  We know his little body was not able to fight off any bacteria or anything.  He is going to have to be vaccinated for almost everything because normal childhood diseases could kill this little one. 

The immunologist suggested an immunoglobulin treatment and a date was scheduled.  Before that date arrived, Josue had to be hospitalized.  He had pneumonia.  While he was in the hospital, the first treatment was given.  After returning home from the hospital, we noticed an almost immediate improvement.  An increased appetite.  An immediate improvement in walking and other activities.  He started talking, or making those first sounds that lead to talking.  We saw a huge change in his personality.  A change for the better.  Laughing, clapping, silly little things that babies should do.  We were amazed.  The immunologist said it has not been proven, but research is starting to show that this treatment may have positive effects on the central nervous system.  In this case, it looks like it might have.

At two plus years, Josue now weighs about 23 pounds.  He is still so tiny, but we are so excited at this recent weight gain.

Yesterday, Josue had the second treatment.  Nicole was at the hospital with him all day long.  The third and final treatment is scheduled for three weeks.  These treatments are quite expensive. 

We are Praising God that He led us to this doctor and that so many things the doctor is doing is working.  We are also trusting God that He will provide the resources to pay for these expensive treatments.

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