Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On The Third Day Of Christmas

The kids were crazy in morning devo.  And, they got more so, as the day went on. 

Nicole has been building graham cracker houses with the kids.  The last group finished theirs this morning.

There was a lot of play time and not much else today.  Of course, there were meals and chores.  

We wanted our staff to be able to spend this evening with their families.  Our staff began leaving at 1:00 and by 2:00, there was only one paid employee here.   Were Nicole and I up for the challenge?  Of course, we were.

For supper, Matt and Nicole made chili.  It looked good and smelled good, but this no meat eater passed on the chili.

After supper, dishes and chores, we got down to some serious fun.

Cris made himself comfortable as he colored.

Emma Kate had a new Christmas gown.

A bonfire was built and the biggest kid of all had to shoot some fireworks.

Yair loved the fireworks.  He laughed like that after each one.

Haley wanted to help with the fireworks.  She did not get to, but she tried.

Some played on the trampoline.
Some played Just Dance
And, then there was movies, popcorn, malteadas and a few messes.  A few fell asleep and had to be carried to bed.  We ended about 11:30.  I think everyone was ready for bed.  I am.

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