Sunday, December 22, 2013

On The First Day Of Christmas

Last Sunday morning, it was announced at the end of church that tonight would the Christmas dinner and program.  There was no church this morning.  Just tonight.  The kids were so excited about the dinner and program.   Everyone was suppose to bring some food.  We talked about it together and we signed up for the tortillas.  300 tortillas.  When we got home from church, Brayan and I talked to Elvia about 300 tortillas.  Her eyes grew big.  Brayan was so excited that he could not contain himself. 

Many of the children were in skits and practice began on Thursday. So, for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and this morning, at least one group had practice.

Elvia wanted to come in early this morning and get started on those tortillas.  We did things sort of backwards this morning.  We ate, did chores and then had a devotional.  We usually do not have devotional on Sunday morning because we go to church.  Nicole and Jose read the Christmas story.  We sang a couple of songs and prayed.

Brayan and Elvia began the tortillas.  Brayan did most of the work.  He came in after he made 100 tortillas.  He had been standing over that hot fire and he was sweating.  But he was so proud of himself.  He told me 100 tortillas.  He came back in after 200 tortillas, and then again when he was finished.  He was quite please with this accomplishment.

Since there was no church, the girls did each other's hair.  Some were not even through by lunch time.  Everyone hurried through their after lunch chores and the they all took showers.  Everyone was dressed in their very best clothes.

The twins were dressed alike
So were Reina and Guadalupe
A good group shot before we left

The church building was nicely decorated.
Haley and Fabiola became fast friends.

Several of the children were in skits and sang songs.

Adonis joined the boys in a song
And, Katy led the girls.

 Even Pamela participated in several skits.

Pamela even sang a song.

There was a devil character in several skits.  Olman did not like him.  He screamed at the top of his lungs every time the devil appeared.  We tried to cover his eyes.  But, somehow Olman managed to see the devil every time.  

It was a great evening.

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