Sunday, July 17, 2016

Youth Rally

Yesterday the teams from Nashville and Baton Rouge had a youth rally for the youth groups of Ojojona and Santa Ana.  It was to start at 1:00 p.m.  I spent most of the morning laughing.  Laughing at our girls.  They regularly go to youth group. They spent hours getting themselves ready for this youth rally.  I found two of them sitting in the sinks shaving their legs.

They were beautiful when they finally finished getting themselves ready at 1:15.  I knew their would be singing and a lesson and games.  Games like water balloon fights, tug-of-war, a slip and slide.
At 1:15, I was trying to rush us out of the door and did not get pictures of the girls in all their beauty.  Trust me.  The boys did not spend that much time getting ready.

We started with the fun song "Hip-Hip-Hippopatumus. And, then some other fun songs.

We did a lot of singing.  A lot of beautiful singing.  First a song in Spanish, then one in English.  Or vice-versa.  We sang many songs in both languages. The singing was so pretty.

After many songs were sung, Jaime Serrano spoke and had a meaningful lesson for everyone.   Nicole translated. 

 I loved the way the kids from Baton Rouge did not just bunch up with each other, but sat with kids from Ojojona and Santa Ana.  Language was no barrier.  It is sometimes hard for teenagers to sit with someone they don't know, when everyone speaks the same language.

After a short break, there were skits.   The youth group from Santa Ana did their skit first.  The kids practiced a couple of weeks on this skit.

 Yes, that is Jackson with the long black hair.  I did not recognize him until he began speaking his lines.  Then the kids from Baton Rouge did their skit.

After the skits were finished, the games started.  There was laughter and squealing for hours. 

Richard really got into the water balloons.

Haley was the first one down the slip and slide.

Emma liked to walk up the slip and slide.

 Jackson tried to surf. 

 Several times, Fernando went down with this little boy.  Finally, the little boy decided to go by himself.

 When Yesenia came to start cooking, Javier was with her.  Someone dragged him onto the slip and slide.  Though, he did not get on willingly, looks like he is having fun.

 Not only did the kids and I get in the van to go home, we asked all the people from Santa Ana to go with us.  There were so many people in that van.  When I looked into the rear view mirror, all I could see was Rosy's eyes.

This was a great day, with beautiful singing, a good lesson and tons of fun.  Many thanks to the Nashville and Baton Rouge groups for hosting this youth rally.  Adults and kids told me how good they thought it was.

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