Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dinner On The Grounds

Saturday a new group of people arrived.  Most of them are from Skillman Church of Christ in Dallas.  The rest are from Joplin and California.

Sunday, the group and the Casa kids went to church in Lomas Diamante.  It is a ways from Santa Ana and I decided the kids and I would ride the bus with the group rather than driving the van.  I enjoyed riding. 

I had never been to church in Lomas Diamante.  I loved it.  The people were so welcoming, the fellowship so sweet.  

Timoteo preached passionately to a packed building. 

There is no water and no baptistry.  Timoteo hauls the water and the baptistry up the mountain each week.
And, Sunday it was needed as one person decided to make Jesus her savior.

The Skillman group purchased lunch for after church.  Luis showed up with the food shortly after church ended. The people were most appreciative.

A little girl that was about 6 walked through the line and got her food.  She asked me to hold her plate.  She went back and helped her little sister who was 2 or 3 get her food and drinks for both of them.  She helped little sister get outside and came back and got her plate from me.  I was touched by this little scene as those little girls with dresses that did not fit are just about the same ages as Haley and Emma.  There is no fellowship hall and no tables.  A few people used the chairs in the church building.  All of the children sat on the ground outside.  Many people stood outside as they ate their lunch.  There was a lot of happy sounds and people shared this meal together. 

There was food left and Timoteo asked if he could take it to the children in Tierras del Padre as he was off to preach to another church.  He loaded the food and he and the baptistry were gone.

Lomas Diamante is a poor community as you can see from the pictures of these houses.

 But high on the mountain, the views are beautiful.

This last picture is not too bad since I was standing on a moving bus on a very rough road.

Sunday we got home quite a bit later than we are used to.  I was moved by the experience of worshiping in this little church high on a mountain overlooking Tegucigalpa.  I will not soon forget this worship experience.

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