Saturday, June 18, 2016

Making A Difference, For 10 Years

Today is June 18, 2016.  Casa de Esperanza received the first children on June 30, 2006.  Just 12 days short of being 10 years.

Many prayers have always covered Casa de Esperanza.  Always.  Ground was broken on July 24, 2005.  Prayers were said as those shovels turned the soil.  I cried.  Others did, too.

Prayers were said daily as the ground was cleared and the weeks of construction.  Construction went fairly rapidly.

Many of us came from the States in December, 2005 as the building was dedicated.  The building was not completely finished, but we prayed in each room for the children that would be living here.  We also sanded and painted and whatever else needed to be done.

That weekend was full of love, prayers, tears, and anticipation.  Anticipation as we eagerly waited for children to fill this house, which would become a home.

And, trust me, there were prayers and prayers as we waited for that last document to be signed.  And, as we waited some more.  And waited.

Then finally, on June 30, 2006, the first little one came to Casa de Esperanza to live.
Nicole and others greet the first five that called Casa de Esperanza home.  Again, prayers were said.  Prayers of gratitude.  Prayers for wisdom.  Karen Vaughan and Jenn Wright were here and helped this home to become what it is.

There was not a single one of us that knew what we were doing.  Opening a children's home in a third world country.  The things that we have learned.  It is humorous now how much we did not know.  But, God is good and He led us through.  Through the mistakes and the learning curves.

These first five were brothers.  They are no longer at Casa de Esperanza.

The second five came in October 2006.

Who is that Jenn is holding?  That is none other than our sweet little Katy.  My, how she has grown.  Oh, that one can charm you to death.  Or manipulate you to death.  Her sassy little attitude is what makes Katy, Katy.

More kids came.  And some left.  Our hearts broke each time one left.

At one time, we had 23 kids.  Today, we have 19.  We still cover these kids, and ourselves, in prayer.  We still make mistakes.  We still do not know everything about running a children's home in a third world country.

We are trying to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs.

These little ones were so cute 10 years ago.  So cute.  They are still cute, in a different kind of way.  But they are teenagers now.  They came from extreme poverty.  Some were abandoned, abused in the worst possible ways.  They have a lot of baggage.  And, they need a lot of love.  We have one cutting herself.  One has symptoms of an eating disorder.  These kids have some serious problems. 

From the beginning, Casa de Esperanza has been covered in prayers.  Please do not stop now.  We covet your prayers.  For these children and wisdom for ourselves.  Please stop right now and say a little prayer for Doris, Rosy, Reina, Ana, Sisi, Daniela, Katy, Nohemy, Maryuri, Guadalupe, Any, Fernando, Jackson, Jose, Josue, Cris, Yair, Olman and Josue., for all the employees that work with these children and for Nicole and I as we try to make the best decisions for each child.

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