Saturday, June 27, 2015

Water Water Every Where And I Hope There Is Enough Left In Which To Shower

I am learning and reading about endurance.  Sometimes, I don't want to endure anything else.  Nothing is as bad as last year, but it just keeps coming.

A week ago on Friday, I left here at 8:00 to run errands.  I got to Ojojona about 5:30 to unload some things into the store. The refrigerator was leaking and there was quite a bit of water.  At that moment, I thought it was a huge amount of water.  I would later learn what a huge amount of water really was.  I moved things and cleaned things and took some t-shirts home to hang on the line.  I was mildly irritated and hugely exhausted.

Yesterday, I tried to leave for the mission house at 5:00.  It was about 5:30 before I left.  Daniela, Karol and Kelin were with me.  I stopped at Lupe's house to buy internet time.  That is a very short distance from the mission house.  Matt called and said there was water running out the door of the store.  I said I would be there in just a minute.  I thought I needed to finish discussing with Lupe the correct amount of change that I was owed.  Matt called right back and said he could hear something rushing inside the store.

I drove up and there was water coming out from under the door and filling the breezeway.  I ran to unlock the door and immediately learned what a huge amount of water was.  The water in the sink had been left running. 

Did I rejoice in my trials?  No. Did I pray?  No.  I did a very mature thing and cried.  I don't mean a few little tears.  I mean I was doubled over sobbing.  I turned the water off and began hauling things outside.  The group rushed in to help me.  I mean lots of things had to be hauled out. 

Things were stack and hanging everywhere.

The store is the single biggest fundraiser for Casa de Esperanza and we are not in the financial position to lose a single piece of product.   I could not get myself together.  I guess being tired did not help much either.

Two brooms, a mop, a shop vac and 45 minutes later, most of the water was out of the store.   And, I was quite a bit calmer.  Things could always be worse.  None of my lenca or leather products were wet.  It would not have been much longer until they would have been, but they were not.  It did not involve money to get it fixed.  I am almost laughing about the situation this morning.

All of a sudden, it dawned on me that we had 21 guests in the mission house and the cistern might have been drained after the water ran all day and there might not be water for showers.  Water is so valuable here.  I hated that so much was wasted.

When Nicole and the girls got there, Haley came into the store and said, "I am sorry, Grammy.  I left the water on."  I hugged that sweet girl and told her I loved her and that I was not mad at her and that everything was okay.  She tried to tear up.  I told her to not even cry.  I knew I would start again.

I got most things back into the store before I left last night.  I left everything in a mess.  A big mess.  It is two weeks before the next group comes.  I will have time to clean up.  Or I will be over there in 2 weeks scrambling to get it done. 

There are dozens of t shirts hanging on the line this morning.  Some of the dark ones faded on the light ones, but it really is not a big deal.

If I ever complain of being bored, remind me that boring is nice.

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