Sunday, June 7, 2015

And, Summer Has Begun

I knew it was coming.  I tried to prepare for it, but it still got here before I was ready.  Summer group season has begun.
Last week was a busy week.  I mean a really busy week.

Mark Connell had his group here two days.  They worked on the wall.  Those guys worked hard removing stumps and rocks.  But the another whole section of the wall was finished by Saturday.

My friends, the Griffiths were here again.  Doug taught the boys how to repair the bicycles.  And, Donna taught the girls another round of sewing.  Some of the boys joined in this times.

 Today we had the monthly birthday celebration.  The kids also showed off their new purses or messenger bags.

Our first groups arrived on Wednesday and Friday.  Already, they have visited Casa, built two houses, shopped at the market and distributed the food, began the work of stuccoing the feeding center and done a VBS in Lomas Diamante.

It was a busy week.  But a good week.  It is way past time for me to be in bed.  We start another busy week tomorrow.

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