Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Trip To The Zoo

Today after church and lunch, Tim's group took the kids to the zoo.  It is a small zoo about 30 miles south of here.  We all rode the bus with the group.  The time on the bus each way is as fun as the event.

There were some monkeys, ostriches and other birds, and some big cats. We also saw raccoons,

foxes, and coyotes. This girl has seen those plenty of times, but the children were very excited to see these animal.

There was also lots of pretty plants and flowers.

Everyone loved the animals and the flowers and plants, but the hit of the day was the ride.  It was an old ski lift without the cable.  It was pulled around the zoo by  the riding lawn mower.

Almost everyone rode it.

Josue thought he wanted to ride, but changed his mind before it started.  Olman rode it and laughed the whole time, a vast improvement.

The anxious moment was on the way home when the bus had a radiator problem.  We had to change buses.  Because of an infestation of ants, we had to go out the back door of the bus and walk on the highway to the other bus.  Great care was taken to see that each child was with an adult and that they went one at a time.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when everyone was on the bus and we were once again on our way. 

It was a great day and a big thanks to Tim's group for the trip to the zoo.

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