Thursday, January 22, 2015

Here's My Cup Lord, Fill It Up Lord

I love my job and the children with which I work.  But, sometimes it is stressful.  Sometimes, I work too hard.  Sometimes, I forget to take my day off.  More and more, I love worshiping in Spanish, but I still miss worship in my native English.

I arrived in the States on December 20 with an empty cup and I return home tomorrow with one overflowing with blessings and love.

After really long travel, I arrived in New Hampshire for Christmas.  I love Nathan and Julia's beautiful home.  Sweet Camille and baby Thatcher are enough to fill anyone's heart.  We had so much fun as we shared Christmas, danced our way through the game of Life, worked puzzles without the pictures (well, we did not quite finish that one), shopped, and ate.  And, of course, Camille and I took plenty of whopper breaks. 

I then spent a way too short of time in Borger with family. This heart needed more time there.  One morning Janet and I hit the donut shop, Sonic and Braum's.  Shame on us.  But it was fun.

Our board met for two days in Little Rock.  That was exhausting, fun and rewarding.  I love how we are working together to make Casa de Esperanza and Honduras Hope better. 

Lunch with a friend.  Time with Alison and her sweet family and on to Searcy.  Will Susan and I ever learn we are too old to stay up half the night?  Maybe not.  I was blessed and encouraged by that time. 

I ate lunch with dear friends in Tupelo as I made my way to Columbus.  Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, my time in Columbus was limited, but still enjoyable.  I lunched and coffeed my way across the state of Mississippi as I drove to Baton Rouge.

Matt and I went to Gulf Coast Getaway.  We went to work a booth.  We saw old friends and met new ones.  That was great.  But the lessons and the songs were designed for this heart.  They spoke way down in the depths of my soul.

Each home that welcomed me, each "do you have time for a cup of coffee", "meet me at the Grill for dessert", trip to Sonic and Krispy Kreme helped to fill my cup.  Each prayer and hug and "I wish we had more time" helped fill my cup.  Each voice message from Emmy and Haley filled my cup

Of course, I left a trail of tears every where I went.  I cried when I left Nathan's.  I miss them so much and my time there goes so quickly.  I cried when I left Borger.  I cried almost every where.  I know I am blessed to have so many friends and family.

Tomorrow, I leave for Honduras with my cup overflowing.  I am ready to be home.  Ready to get back to work.  Ready for new opportunities. 

Pray as I travel tomorrow.


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