Sunday, January 25, 2015

Guess Who Is Learning To Sew?

Our friend, Donna, is back for another round of sewing classes.  Her goal this time is to let the little girls start on the machine.  That included Haley.  This will involve a lot of one-on-one time with each girl.  While everyone else was in nap time yesterday, Haley got to sew.

And, of course, Emma Kate wanted to be included, too.  So both of them came in to choose their fabric.

Emma is so excited about her choice that she cannot stand to look at it.  Not really.  I just could not shoot fast enough to capture Emma looking at it.

Both girls are shown how to measure the fabric.

 Emma was ready to wear hers immediately.

Emma really was excited about her dress.  She carried some of the scraps all afternoon saying, "Emma monkey dress, Emma monkey dress.

Haley got to cut the fabric for both dresses.
When cutting fabric, it is important to hold your mouth just so.

 And,then it was time to sew.

When the bobbin was empty, Haley filled it.  She said it sure made her arm tired.

After the strap was sewn, Haley and Mrs. Donna turned it right side out.

She threaded the strap through the dress.

Much, Much later there was two finished dresses and two happy little girls.

You can be assured of more pictures this week as the other girls learn to sew their dresses.

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