Friday, April 21, 2017

Pillows, Lamps And Dresses

Last week Doug and Donna came to work with the kids again.  Everyone was out of school and there was a lot of work accomplished.

Doug worked with the six oldest boys, including Yair, making lamps.  I did not think Yair could do this, but with Doug's guidance, he got it done.  I only have pictures of the finished lamps, but I did see boys huddled around Doug many times during the week.

Most of the boys were excited that they would have items to place in the store.

Donna and the girls began the week by making dresses.  Everyone made a dress to wear.  Since the dresses are made the same, the girls did not want to wear them at the same time, but I have seen several being worn during the week.

After all the dresses were complete, the girls began making pillows covers.  They also learned to put in zippers.  The zippers were easier than they thought.  Some of the girls made several pillow covers. 

We were pleased with the girl's progress.  This time more of the girls were able to work independently, both on the dresses and the pillow covers.  This made things go much faster.  Some of the older girls were even able to help the younger ones. 

You will see some pretty new pillow in the store this summer.

The one I said might starve to death if she had to make a living making tortillas, might just be okay.  Her sewing skills are coming along nicely.

A big thanks to Doug and Donna.

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