Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Humpty-Dumpty Had A Great Fall

Tuesday is my day off. 

Tomorrow the girls go back to school.  Sunday, I asked Nicole why don't we all go do something together on Tuesday.  We all agreed it sounded like a great idea.  We decided to go to Santa Lucia and the Valley of Angels.  That sounded great as long as I did not have to drive and did not have to think.

Last night, around 8:00,  the big girls came down to stay and Matt and Nicole took Baby Paige to the Emergency Room.  Nicole came down this morning and said she had to nebulize the baby every two hours.  She then said, you and Haley go on to the Valley of Angels.  Of course, Emma wanted to go, too.  She promised to be good.  I had visions of the theater, but I said yes.

I had to go to the ATM and Matt rode down to the shop where is car was being repaired.  We left Tegucigalpa about 9:30.

We were singing and laughing.  I taught the girls "Do Lord" and Haley and I taught Emma " One, Two, Three The Devil's After Me."  When we finished, Emma would say "again."  And we would sing one more time.

We went in a couple of stores and then walked through the plaza to Espresso Americano for granitas.  After we finished granitas, we were going in some more stores and then find a place to eat.  We were walking and talking.  Everything is really uneven.  I stepped out of my shoe and off the curb at the same time and ended up on my bottom on the street.  Both girls were screaming.  Quite loudly.  I was sure I was okay.  The screaming attracted a lot of attention and lot of people running in my direction.  Two people helped me up.  One kind soul let me put my foot up in his restaurant.  He offered us water and anything we wanted. 

I really thought my foot was better and we left.  I knew not to remove my shoe and I did not. 

We went walking slowly down the street.  With each step, my foot hurt more.  We went into a couple of more stores.  There is a high curb to step onto and most of the stores had a couple of big steps down into the store and I just could not negotiate the steps.  We slowly headed back to the first store where we had picked out a few things to purchase later. 

The girls were so concerned and held my hands as we even more slowly walked.  We made our purchases and somehow, I got to the car.

I called Nicole and asked her to call the hospital and see if she could make me an appointment with Dr. Ham.  She called back in a few minutes and said he would see me.  She said he just sat down to lunch.  He had taken his kids out to eat before they start back to school tomorrow.

I had to drive from the Valley of Angels and the girls needed to eat.  We stopped at Burger King near the hospital and ate.  Every time I got in and out of the car, my foot hurt more. 

The hospital parking lot was full and I had to park  more than a block away.  I hobbled up the hill with the girls holding my hands.

Matt and Nicole were on their way to get the girls.

Nicole was going to stay and drive me home.  I think I could have made, but I was really glad she was there.  The girls did not want to leave Grammy.

I had an x-ray.  I have a small fracture on my ankle.  By this time, I am being transported in a wheelchair and Emma is holding my hand all the way.

Unlike Humpty-Dumpty, Dr. Ham could put me together again with a  walking cast for four weeks and no surgery required.   I am very thankful for no surgery and very thankful that Dr. Ham gave up some time with his kids.  He just brought them to the hospital with him.

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