Monday, December 21, 2015

Villa Navedena

A couple of weeks ago, Matt and Nicole were leaving Tegucigalpa at the dusky time of day and saw the Villa Navedena, the Christmas village.  All the houses and trees had lights on them.  The Casa kids think a Christmas tree with 2 strings of lights on it is beautiful.  Nicole was sure they would love this. We chose a date.  It had to be after the group left, after the wedding.  That did not leave a lot of time before Christmas.  We did not tell anyone of our plans.

Today, Nicole had to start telling employees and the kids figured out something was up, but didn't know what.  Most of them never go to Tegucigalpa, so they would have no idea what we were talking about.  But, they were excited that we were going somewhere.

Twenty two kids and Baby Paige, and 7 adults.  We have sort of outgrown the 15 passenger van.  The boys and the employees in the boys house rode in Matt and Nicole's car, as did Emma and Paige.  The girls and 2 employees rode with me in the van.  We left at 4:30 and got there just as the lights came on at 5:30.  Everyone walked around oooohing and aaaahing at the lights.  It really was pretty.

Most of the kids wanted to ride the train, but before that could happen, Santa had to work on the engine.

Even while Santa was working on the engine, the kids began to pile into the train.

Emma did not feel very good. She wanted to ride, but did not want to get in the train.  Nicole did what any mommy would do; she appointed herself as co-engineer.  And she had a lot of fun as co-engineer.

There was a stage.  At the time we were there, there were some skits.  There was no way to call what I heard talent.  But, the kids loved watching.
The village was not very big and it did not take us long to walk through the whole thing.  There is no charge to enter.  Food was sold there and the food was very expensive.  I told the kids before we went in that the food was expensive and we were not buying.  Do not even ask.  That is how they make their money.  Nicole and I had another surprise up our sleeve.  We were going to take them to Cinna-Bons for hot chocolate.

When we got back to the cars, one child was not with us.  Big Josue.  Big Josue is only 7.  I thought I was going to wet my pants when I realized a child was missing.  Mercedes started back and Nicole took off running.  I got the girls and the adults in the van and started back, too.   I met Mercedes coming out with Josue holding her hand.  She found him standing in the line to ride the train again.  He was clueless that everyone had gone to the car and that he was standing with people whom he did not know.  After Nicole came back to the car, we headed to Cinna-Bons.

I was thinking it is way too hot for hot chocolate, but we ordered for everyone.  It is never too hot for hot chocolate that tastes that good.  The kids loved this part of the adventure, too.

As we drove home, the girls pointed out every Christmas light they saw and continued to ooooh and aaaah.

It was a great evening.

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