Monday, May 18, 2015

Mother's Day Programs

Mother's Day or el dìa de la Mamà is a very important holiday in Honduras.  One of the most important.  All of the schools and churches do something for Mother's Day.

I was very fortunate to be able to go to the program at Haley's school.

This one was the Wednesday before Mother's Day.

The one at Juan Lindo was the Saturday before Mother's Day.  Luci went to that one.

In our church in Santa Ana, all of the kids were in the program that was on Mother's Day.  Haley said a little poem in Spanish.  Haley is pretty shy about being in front of people.  I was so proud of her.

Then there were songs and skits and games and all sorts of things to honor the mothers.

And for people that send butter to school for their child's lunch, they get to be the mother of all mothers.
She really got this honor because the word "Mama" was written on her red heart.

 There were also Mother's Day programs at Los Pinos and Lomas Diamante.

Thursday after Mother's Day was the program at the high school.  Luci went to that one.  Friday, everyone got to go to one.  Mirian went with Yair to the kinder.  Elena went with Rosy, I went with Reina and Luci went with all the other kids at the elementary school.   

The one at Reina's school was very sweet and simple.  Reina and a boy were supposed to lead a song that honored mothers.  Reina was a bit nervous standing in front of everyone, but the boy was so scared he almost passed out.  They had to stand where he could not see the crowd.  I snapped one shot before they moved.

I felt honored and loved.  I was also glad when all those programs were over and I could rest.

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