Monday, February 2, 2015

More Sewing

Donna returned to teach more sewing to the girls.  Every girl got to get on the machine this time.  The girls, especially the younger girls were so excited.  Donna got sick and was sick most of the week.  She knew this was important to the girls and she just kept keeping on.  I do not know how she did it.  But before the end of the week, 14 dresses or skirts were complete.

 Maryuri loves to make faces.  And, she found a perfect opportunity

Rosy likes to look at everything but the machine and fabric while she sews.

Another fashion sew was scheduled for Friday.
Doris was emcee.

Some of the boys tried to model, too.

Reina wore her new skirt to youth group on Saturday.  Cindy, Ana, and Niyeli had theirs on at church Sunday.  I think the girls are very proud of the things they have made for themselves.

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Susan Lawhead said...

Those are gorgeous dresses and skirts. Donna is a blessing to be teaching the girls to sew.