Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Birthday Celebration

We will have a birthday celebration on the first Sunday of every month for everyone that has  a birthday that month.  I know yesterday was the second Sunday of February, but, oh well.  Since we did not do this in January, we honored everyone who has January and February birthday.  With employees and all, that is a lot of people.

The honorees

Haley was so excited that she did a little dance.  And, it is not even her birthday month.

All of the adults had a balloon.  One at a time, we had to pop them and do what it said on the piece of paper inside.  
Sometimes, I think Doris could be a motivational speaker.

Nicole had to sing.  So, she sang chickie, chickie with all of the honorees.

Matt had to dance.  He asked his sweetheart to join him.   I had to pray.  I love to pray, but I have never done it in spanish.   It did not hurt me to come out of my comfort zone a bit.

 After the games, it was time for the cake and coke.

No birthday celebration would be complete without the honorees getting cake on their faces.

Emma and Olman sure enjoyed the birthday cake,

as did everyone else.

Olman gave the birthday boys and girls hugs.

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