Monday, April 21, 2014


Yesterday, Easter, was a glorious day.  Partially because it was Easter and the tomb is empty.   I was in Baton Rouge.  We heard a beautiful Easter sermon.  Then at the end of church, sweet Camille was baptized.  I have studied the Bible with Camille two or three times a week by phone.  She announced a couple of months ago that she was ready to be baptized and she was going to be baptized on Easter morning.  I am thankful that I not only got to be in Baton Rouge to see her baptism, got to help baptize her. 

And Grammy being Grammy and having my family together, meant lots of pictures.  Lots of pictures. 

Emma Kate is 21 months old.  Yesterday was the first I had been with all three granddaughters at the same time.  I had a permanent smile.  Emma Kate did not have a permanent smile.

We all went to Olive Garden for lunch and then to Matt's mother's house for a giant Easter egg hunt.

Then there was strawberry shortcake.  It was so good. Haley tried to eat all of hers at once.
No strawberry shortcake for Emmy.  She went for the chocolate that was in all those Easter eggs.

I went home with Nathan and Julia and will be in Jackson for a few days.    Camille and I made our guacamole tonight and started our first puzzle.

Love that family time.


Kent Hinds said...

What a beautiful Easter time, so happy for a new sister in Christ, beautiful smiles!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful people, pictures, & day!! Thank you Jesus for these restorative moments! love you Terri!
janet tindall

Tammy Kazmierczak said...

Thank you so much for blogging. Your blogs especially the Easter one have been so uplifting for me. I did not realize I was watching you that Sunday help baptize your granddaughter. Your excitement about passing on the faith to others is something I too share. May God continue to shelter you.

As way of introduction I know Matt and Nicole and made Haley's cloth doll two years ago. I have prayed for your spiritual strength through challenging times.

Tammy Kazmierczak